Unity - Mapbox - C#

Real World Racer

Real World Racer is game where you can load real world locations using map data. You can create, save, load and race tracks created by users and race the previous best time as a ghost. Real World Racer allows the players to create race tracks around areas they know and are familiar with or just type in somewhere they’ve never been and explore.

Unity - Party Game - C#

Backyard Snowdown

Backyard Snowdown is a 4 player, local multiplayer party game of a snowball fight.

C++ - RakNet - Library Authoring

RakNet Multiplayer Library

I created a statically-linked library that creates a server using RakNet for the AIE Bootstrap Engine. Using this library, I created a 2D game that works over LAN.

C++ - OpenGL - GLSL

OpenGl Graphics Engine

I created a graphics engine using OpenGL and C++. I loaded in the Crytek Sponza model as a demo.

Unity - Cross-Platform - C#

Absolute Car

Absolute Car was created as a small game to be ported to multiple platforms in Unity. A colleague and I successfully ported Absolute Car to PS4, PSVita, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, NVIDIA Shield. All art in game was created by myself.

Unity - Game Jam - C#


Bomberang is a last person with the bomb explodes type game created in a 2 and a half day game jam.

And now a little bit about


About me

Nathan Nette


- C#
- C++
- Unity
- Winforms

Some experience in:
- Unreal Engine
- Javascript
- Python
- C


Hi, my name is Nathan. I'm 23, born and raised in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds (Programming) at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE).
I'm in my 4th year of studying games, 2nd year at AIE and 2 years prior at Box Hill Institute, attaining a Cert. IV and Diploma in Digital and Interactive Games. My time at Box Hill allowed me to dip my toe in to all aspects of game dev and gain an all round understanding of creating games.

I decided to follow programming in my further studies because that was what I was worst at. I could read it and understand it but honestly, all I could do was copy and paste code well. Now programming is my passion. Every time I'm on a computer I have some form of IDE open and any spare moment I have, I'm looking up how to fix the last thing I worked on or looking at other people's work on twitter or game dev blogs. Not to mention bloating my Google Docs with game ideas. I am a very fast learner and have enough knowledge of programming that I can pick up a new language very fast.


I love building computers. I've become the go to guy in my friend group for approving new builds and assembling them. For myself I modded a PowerMac G5 to accomodate an ATX build that dual boots Windows and Linux.

2D and 3D art, animation and scene composition. I used to mainly focus on art and animation before I started at AIE so I still do it for fun or on solo projects. I like to use Maya, Photoshop and Blender.

I've recently bought a basic VPS which runs a discord music bot. I also set up a vpn on it for myself and my brother using Jigsaw's project Outline. I got around Netflix for about 4 hours then they figured it out. Looking at socks5 next.

I have a very music based past, I studied music all through school and got accepted in to an audio engineering course. However, I changed over to games. I still play guitar and drums every now and then with the occasional small project.